St. Nicholas Church

The other day as I was driving out of Lexington Park heading south to Buzzy’s Country Store, I noticed one of those historical markers on the other side of the road located just a little after the Cedar Point Credit Union. I made a mental note that on my way back up the road I would check it out.

Keep in mind now that in my 72 years of traveling to and from LP City I have probably only passed this marker a couple thousand times and yet this was the first time that I ever actually noticed it. I guess as you get older, historical stuff like markers and similar sights tend to garner more of your attention. Too, as your life begins to slow down, you take the time to notice things that you previously did not.

Thus, on a subsequent trip back up the road I pulled over to check out the following:

Because it is located on the Base, St. Nicholas doesn’t get as much attention as our other churches here in the County. I found this 2002 Enterprise article (click here.)

The de Waldon sculpture mentioned in the article is shown here in this photo from the Church’s website (click here.)

I also located a Tester article that explained how the Church’s pulpit and railing were relocated from the Naval Academy and came to be installed in St. Nicholas along with the de Waldon sculpture of Christ.

And in case you assumed that St. Nicholas Church was named after the Good St. Nick as in Santa Claus, you are semi-correct. Turns out that the name was chosen in recognition of Nicholas Sewell who was the owner of what was then known as the Mattapany plantation:

And on that note, how about this Christmas-in-April-song to brighten your day:

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