Loopers and Hikers in Buzzy’s

Yesterday three sets of visitors, all of whom are traveling around the country, just happened to drop into Buzzy’s on the same day.

My first visitor was Victor from Canada. Victor had stopped in Buzzy’s earlier in the day as he was bicycling down to Pt. Lookout. He stopped back by on his way up the road and had a couple of beers.

Victor told me that he was doing the Inner Loop or what is referred to as The Great Loop (click here.)

When the weather turned bad as he sailed into the Chesapeake he decided to pull into Drury’s Marina and bike down to Pt. Lookout. Victor has been traveling since last September aboard his 22 foot sailboat. In addition to doing the Loop he spent some time in Costa Rica visiting his brother who runs a bar there.

A short time after Victor’s arrival, another boating couple dropped in and I soon learned that they too were doing the Loop albeit in a 50 foot power boat. I introduced them to Victor and sure enough their paths had crossed previously somewhere during their travels. It is a very small world isn’t it?

Jim, Sue and Victor

Jim and Sue were staying at Corinthian Yacht Club after rendezvousing with some relatives who accompanied them from the Eastern Shore. (My thanks to Eric at Corinthian for loaning them his vehicle and suggesting that they all visit Buzzy’s for a beer.)

Chandler and Stephanie

Shortly after all my boating visitors had left the Store, I saw two back packers walk into the Buzzy parking lot and sit down outside at the picnic table. As I talked to them, they informed me that they were hiking to Pt. Lookout State Park to camp for the night and wanted to buy some beer. Of course I welcomed them into the Store where they pulled up a chair and enjoyed the several rounds that were being bought. Turns out that Stephanie and Chandler are real deal hikers who have both done the Appalachian Trail along with other noted hiking routes.

They stayed til closing when one of my Buzzy friends offered to let them spend the night in a vacant apartment that he is renovating. Having endured a couple of rainy nights in a tent, they both very were happy to take my friend up on his offer.

I’d like to say that it was just another night at Buzzy’s but this one was kinda special. At Buzzy’s you never know just who is going to drop in whether they do so by bike, by foot or in a borrowed truck. And as Buzzy always said – everybody has got a story to tell; you just have to sit and listen to them.

Speaking of smooth sailing and folks on the move, here is a nice little travel tune/video from Rick Braun:

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