Only One Day Late

So I completely missed that yesterday was National Paranormal Day. (Guess that explains why I felt like someone was watching me all day!)

But like a spirit in the night, it reminded me of this recent FB post from Ellen Orchard on You Know You Are From St. Mary’s County (click here.) Excerpt follows:


I scrolled thru and read all 239 comments from folks listing various places that are haunted, and came to conclusion that I agree with Troy Pulliam’s observation when asked what areas are haunted:


Manfred Mann had a big hit with Bruce’s “Blinded by the Light” but they also covered this “Spirit in the Night” tune of his. I know it’s semi-blasphemous, but think I prefer Manfred’s version of it to the Boss’s original. (That said, check out this funny live version where Bruce gets some of the lyrics wrong (3:45 mark) but then recovers quickly and gets it right (click here.))

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