Happy Cinco!

How do you break up a Cinco de Mayo party that gets out of control? Call Nine Juan Juan.

Ok, that was muy bado, but you can thank me for not passing along any of the stupid mayonnaise-on-boats-sinking ones that get told and re-told alot today.

Green Turtle – Wikdewood

Business-wise, all bars and restaurants love these excuses for folks to go out and party. That’s why you will oftentimes see today referred to as the Mexican St. Patrick’s Day. Folks are encouraged to think party, party party which translates into spend money, spend money spend money.

Partying aside for a moment, not too many folks know that the full story behind Cinco is that it is a Hispanic version of the Jewish definition of holidays: “They hated us; they tried to kill us; we fought; we won; so let’s eat!” (click here.) (To learn more about the history of Cinco de Mayo (click here.)

One of my Buzzy friends however, summed it up a little differently when he noted “Cinco de Mayo is that day where we eat a bunch of Mexican food and do some shots of Tequila just so tomorrow we can go back to bitching about why so many of ’em are here illegally.”

Ah yes, keeping it real at Buzzy’s. Got some Coronas, Patron and Buzzball Margaritas chilling for you should you be in a fiesta mood later today/this evening. Únete a la fiesta!

And speaking of tequila, nice little tune and video here for you that will make you sonreír (sure hope that means smile:)

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