Lets Get Out

All kinds of events and things to do on this nice spring day so get your motor running and head out to one or two of them.

Should you head south, Historic St. Mary’s’ City celebrates May Day as follows:

At Buzzy’s Country Store of course, we will be celebrating everything today from the King’s coronation to the Kentucky Derby, so drop in if you’re out and about. Derby post time is set for 6:57.

As for that trial in New York involving a lady with a lawsuit against a famous peron with a bad head of hair and something done 19 years ago, well Ed Sheeran won. (Set you up there a little bit didn’t I?)

The Let’s Get It On folks claimed that they had “smoking gun” evidence which turned out to be this video of Sheeran interjecting a verse from Let’s Get It On into his Thinking Out Loud during one of his shows. (If you don’t feel like waiting for it go to the 4:20 mark.) The jury wasn’t convinced that Sheeran copied it and found in his favor (click here for full story.)

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