What Did Jesus Do?

Note: I was saving the following for a Buzzyblog Twofer Tuesday post, but being in a post-Derby, lazy mood, I am passing it along today.

Remember when John Lennon got in all kinds of trouble for saying that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus (click here.)

Well, here is another John/Jesus connection for you that I bet you never considered: both had their “lost periods.” Lennon’s only lasted a couple years, while Jesus’ lost years numbered in double digits.

Another difference between the two however is that we know all about what John was up to during that time that he spent drinking, drugging, rock n rolling, and having an affair with some gal that Yoko picked out for him (click here.) Conversely, we know absolutely zero about Jesus’ lost time. (Wiki calls it the “Unknown Years of Jesus” (click here.) Seems like it should be the other way around doesn’t it? John’s is a case of TMI while JC’s is mysteriously too quiet.

I came upon a book that my daughter Ryan passed along to me Life and Teachings of Lord Jesus written by Swami Sivananda a Hindu spiritual teacher. Here is what he had to say about it:

Back to John though, during his lost weekend, he churned out 3 albums one of which included his first Number 1 post-Beatles hit (click here.) Some guy named Elton played piano on it.

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