Mr. James Hall

A few weeks ago I discussed a group of folks who visited Buzzy’s Country Store on a “roots trip” seeking info about their ancestors. Here again is a photo of them in Buzzy’s posing with Pat Woodburn who met with them to discuss Cornfield Harbor and other local historical matters of interest to them.

Bob, Pat, Phyliss, Kim and Barbara

In the above photo, note the book with the burgundy cover to the left of Barbara. That is Mr. Clarence Bradburn’s book Some Important People and Events in St. Mary’s County. In Chapter Two of that book, Mr. Bradburn discusses my Buzzy visitors’ Great Grandfather James Hall as follows:

P.S. Note that the above copy of Mr. Bradburn’s book shown in the photo is Pat’s. I have loaned out my copy to someone who has not yet returned it to me and for the life of me can not remember who that is/was. The person I thought had borrowed it claims that he returned it to me but I still can’t find it. Mr. Bradburn inscribed it to me as Joe Scott and the name of my ex-wife. (He was a little hard of hearing when he asked me my name, hence he referred to me as Joe Scott.) If in any of your travels you happen to see a copy of this book and note my name in it, please let me know. While I don’t want the ex back, I sure would like to have my copy of Mr. Bradburn’s book back. To whomever has it, please gimme back my book.

Timely song for you given that we are now at 200 for the year.

We do love our guns.

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