Things That Caught My Eye

Doing a daily blog keeps me on the lookout for items that I think may be worth passing along to you. As I wander around different sites and FB pages, I will see something and think to save it knowing that I may need to do some research or homework to better explain it. (This is particularly true of old photos and prints that I find.)

Then there are some things that I clip and put in what I call the “Marinate File.” These are items that I’m not sure what to do with so I stash them away just in case something else pops up that somehow relates to them.

The problem with this approach however, is that I accumulate a number of items that begin to back up on me and fill my in basket with things to do. Here then is my version of doing some spring cleaning.

Speaking of spring (see how I did that transition?) here is a photo of Spring Lake Hotel/Restaurant courtesy of Frankie Tippett from “You Know You’re From St. Mary’s” FB page (click here and check out comments.) I was going to do some research into and talk about the old Waldorf Nike Base that used to be located behind Spring Lake, but was too lazy to do so.

And just what town would merit this description?! I wasn’t sure; plus I didn’t want to offend anyone.

Then there was this definition of Buzzy’s that I kinda liked. (OK, ok, so it wasn’t my Buzzy’s but nonetheless, I’m taking compliments anywhere I find them.)

And just to be semi-serious for half a minute, here is a something to think about as we all live in the only country where this continues to be a problem:

Is That a Racist Statement?

But back to Country Stores of yore, the following is also something I saw on Massey’s “You Know You’re From St. Mary’s” courtesy of Frankie. It is a photo of John A. Fowler’s Store. If you scroll through the comments you will see that there was some confusion because there was also a Fowler’s Store in Chaptico. (Brother Billy F. clarified all that however. Thank you Billy!) I had thought to try and do a Twofer Tuesday on the two Fowler stores, but again never got around to doing so. Note that someone in the comments pointed out that it looks like Henry Fowler standing next to the gas tank. Is that his Dad John in the background?)

Lower Left Sign Reads “J.A. Fowler & Son” But Not Sure About Witt’s Whatever – Shoe?

But I saved the best for last and it needs no explaining nor marinating:

Grandson Stoney Looking Out On Herring Creek

And speaking of the best, guess some Tina is in order for today. Long live the Queen.

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