Tubby at Buzzy’s

Pam and I were making our way downstairs yesterday evening after dinner with her parents when my phone started pinging and notifying me of several incoming messages. My first reaction was to think “Oh no, this isn’t good.”

However, the opposite was the case as the many messages I received were from my Buzzy’s Country Store friends advising me that “Tubby is here.” Couple folks even sent me photos documenting Tubby’s visit.

Greg, Chris, Tubby and Duncan (Karolyn Bender photo)
Connie Lepper photo
JW Raley Photo

For those of you who may not know nor appreciate the significance of this, Tubby Smith grew up and lived only a mile away from Buzzy’s Country Store. After graduating from High Point University in 1973 he returned to his high school alma mater Great Mills to begin his basketball coaching career.

From that start as a coach, Tubby went on to become a very successful college basketball coach taking five different teams to the NCAA tournament. (He is one of 3 coaches to have ever done this (click here.) Tubby’s 1998 Kentucky team won the National title and Tubby was named the NCAA Coach of the Year (click here.)

Of course I am very glad and honored that Tubby would stop in Buzzy’s, but I am really sorry that I missed him. Hey Tubby, come back!

Nice little tune here sent my way from a good friend. Thank you!

P.S. I am reminded of when Beth McCoy was in Buzzy’s asking him to sign the petition to name Rt. 5 “Point Lookout Road.” The going in plan was to just call it Leonardtown Road but Beth correctly noted that it should be named Pt. Lookout Road. (As you know a compromise was reached and that’s why the road now officially has both names.) For a Letter to the Editor that Beth wrote on this issue (click here.)

However, I remember that as Beth was discussing all of this, Buzzy interrupted her to say “I think they should name it the Tubby Smith Road. He’s our most famous person from here so why not?” Beth, for once, was speechless.

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