Twofer Tuesday – Oraville Store amd Charlies Villa

Each year Karen Guy puts together this great calendar showing old bars and stores throughout the County most of which are no longer around. April’s and May’s entries featured two old time businesses from years ago – The Oraville Store and Charlies Villa.

Thanks to Frankie and his work in documenting places like this I found the following exchange on Massey’s You Know You’re From St. Mary’s FB site:


Karen’s May entry was not a photo but a flyer advertising a dance at Charlies Villa in Callaway:

Again I checked out Massey’s page and sure enough Frankie was on that one too when he published this photo and others of Charlies Villa:


When I scrolled through the local papers, I found this 1970 Enterprise article discussing how Charlie Price had to appear before the Liquor Board to renew his license after some problems with someone who had been running the place:


As for going out dancing and the Baptist folks protesting Charlies, it reminded me of the old joke “Why do Baptists not have sex standing up? They are afraid it might lead to dancing.”

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