May – Check This Out

The Buzzy birthday listing in May starts off today with my niece Regi Hofmeister celebrating hers; my sister-in-law Marcie Foley on 5 May; Patrick Ridgell is on 6 May; Dave Berg 10 May; my cousins Joe White and Sister Marianne Ridgell also celebrate on 10 May; Robby Norris’ Carol is on 11 May; Kevin Adkins 14 May; my nephew Todd’s wife Sherrie also the 14th and then their daughter Piper on 18 May; Kim McKay celebrates on 17 May;  Clyde Ridgell 18 May and Richard Mandeville on 19 May; My daughter Reagan also celebrates her birthday on 19 May. My Daughter-in-law Stephanie’s Dad Eddie Elgersma is on 30 May; and to conclude a very busy month of birthdays Bootsie Norris’ celebrates his on 31 May. 

Music-wise, my friend Ted Yeatman sent this oddity my way and as he indicated in his email to me, this is not a Stones’ song that has been played nor heard very much. Like the song itself, the video is a little out there but worth checking out.

I have also included the note that was attached to the video. All I can say is that even if I knew what the “the narrative approach” is, I still don’t think I would know just what the hell this video is all about.

In the Stones’ own words “May be the last time” I ever watch this video. (Key word May! Get it?)

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