A Fish Story (Or Two)

Sunday so let me tell you a fish story. (Note, it will take me a minute or two to explain it to you, so hang with me as I tell you the background to this discussion.)

A gentleman purchased his retirement home not far from Buzzy’s Country Store and occasionally dropped in for a beer. One day after he had visited a couple of times, as he was paying for his beer he said to me “I understand that you are a liberal Democrat?”

Whenever I don’t want to pursue these sort of political questions, or I suspect that my questioner is playing on the other team and setting me up, I will give my stock answer of “Well, I am a Will Rogers man in that I don’t belong to any organized political party, I am a Democrat.” I have found thru the years that this will answer the question enough so that I don’t have to engage any further.

However, after I told my Buzzy visitor this, he did something that surprised me. He looked around to make sure that no one else was within listening range of us, leaned across the counter and said to me very quietly “Well I just wanted to let you know that I am too and I am agree with you even if the rest of your folks in here do not.”

I laughed, thanked and told him that with him being so secretive about it, we were like those early Christians who had to draw a fish in the ground to let one another know they thought alike. I told him I was relieved that he agreed with me and wasn’t going to unload on me.

As I drove home later that evening from the Store and reflected on my conversation with my like-minded visitor, it got me wondering about whether or not that drawing-a-fish-thing-in-the-ground was really true.

Here then is the fish story I promised you:


As for where one stands politically, check out this 16 question survey that will help you see where you land on the political spectrum (click here.) (This article further discusses it (click here.))

My results on the survey follow and yes, I do fall in what they refer to as the Establishment Liberal Dem camp. At 13%, I never knew I was a minority.

And speaking of fish stories, political/personal differences and religion, here is all of that in a very long and very lame Shaggy Dog joke for you. Sorry.


Got to close with something from these guys right? Go to the 1:00 mark for intro of their special guest:

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