Things to Do

Got so carried away yesterday talking about how great the Visit St. Mary’s website is that I didn’t mention what a busy weekend this is featuring all sorts of events and things to do. Sample follows:

In South County we have the Home Grown Market today 9-1. Note that Trossbach’s Produce Stand in Scotland is now closed but Melissa and Company will be at the Home Grown Markets as follows:

The Dameron Trossachs’ Family Meats is open today from 10-12.

On Wynne Road in Ridge, you have these events to check out:

Note This Pier 450’s First of the Season Chef’s Tasting

Speaking of playing, Buzzy’s Country Store becomes Buzzy’s Sports Bar this time of year as all sorts of football and baseball events are going down. On Sunday we’ll have the Ravens and Orioles on early and then the Commanders on at 4:30. If you are in the neighborhood drop in.

Music-wise, check how Eddy Grant responded when asked by some lawyers’ (guess whose?) delay tactics asked him to explain what this song was all about (click here.)

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