Visit St. Mary’s – Why Not?

On Fridays my internetting will always include a check in with the “Visit St. Mary’s Maryland” website. (Visit St. Mary’s is the name of our local tourism group whose Executive Director is my friend Barbara Sopato.) In addition to the excellent website, be sure to check out their FB page (click here.) (Some great photos are included even if the Rubber Duck does make an appearance (click here.))

While I enjoy checking out the “Visit St. Mary’s” website on Fridays to see what’s going on event-wise each weekend in and around the County, it is also a great place to spend some time reading about various places to visit and other things to see and do here in the County. (And yes, Buzzy’s Country Store does get mentioned!)

Here are some other nice excerpts from the Visit St. Mary’s website:

The following video of my good friend and Piney Point neighbor Jack Russell is one of several excellent video’s featured on the Visit St. Mary’s website (click here to view more videos.) “Visit St. Mary’s” does a great job verifying Jack’s conclusion at the end of his video where he notes “It’s quiet. It’s peaceful. I’ve never found a better place, myself. It’s just a great place. That’s all.”

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