Speaking of cartoons (yesterdays’s Buzzyblog post) here is another one for you:

It popped up on my survey of crazy cartoons right after I had flunked this trivia quiz:

Got 4 Outta 5

Were you stumped on E too? Then go to the 4:57 mark here and listen for yourself:

Another Thriller trivia note for you: in order to be considered for an Academy Award, it was released in movie theaters for one week and ran as an opener to Walt Disney’s Fantasia animation.

In retrospect, it was not the smartest of movie pairings because parents bringing their young kids to see Fantasia weren’t exactly thrilled that their kiddies had to sit thru Thriller in all its zombie bloodsucking scariness. (This was one of the reasons Michael included the disclaimer at the video’s start saying he did not believe in the occult.) All that said, Thriller is still regarded as the greatest music video of all time. Too bad I didn’t recognize its lyrics.

P.S. Scroll thru the list of Greatest Videos and see if you don’t agree with me that Number 2 was a nice little surprise. I could even make case that it should have been Number 1 just because of Stephanie Seymour’s appearance in it (click here.)

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