MMQ – Glazed and Unenthused

Monday Morning Quarterback and no, I am not going to be talking football with you given the way the Commanders and Ravens both got their butts whipped yesterday.

Instead, I am going to take my misplaced anger out by doing a mini-rant here on a subject that may surprise you – donuts.

Ok, it is not the donuts themselves that I have a problem with, but the cost to procure them. It brings out the Buzzy in me to inquire “When the hell did donuts get to be such an expensive delicacy?”

Allow me a little background info here as I explain how it has been several, make that many years since I have purchased a dozen donuts. I retired off the Base in 2007 which would have been the last time that I bought a box of donuts. Back then I had a little routine where on payday Fridays I would stop and pick up a dozen donuts for the folks who worked for me. In doing so I would joke with them that the eagle may do his thing on Friday, but I do donuts.

In the ensuing 16 years since I have been retired, I may have grabbed an individual donut here and there at a Wawa or 7-11 on an early morning road trip, but I have never had a reason nor an inclination to purchase a dozen of ’em. Thus, my awareness of what they now cost is very dated and hence very skewed.

Fast forward to the other day when Shea and I went to breakfast at Showtime Deli. (We not only had breakfast there but we got to witness the Jack-Russell-prep-job where he donned swim goggles to cut up 3 pounds of onions. Even seated 10 feet away from him, Shea and I both teared up as Jack did his thing.)

Shea and his family are here visiting from Marathon and are staying at an AirBnB on St. George’s Island. After we finished breakfast, we decided to pick up some donuts to take back for the folks at the house who would be just getting up.

We hit the Donut Connection drive thru where we ordered 2 dozen donuts and at $17.99 each it shot the hell out of the 2 twenties I gave the lady. That’s when the Buzzy in me kicked in as I thought “Damn, 12 packs of beer at Buzzy’s are in the $10-$15 price range; I may have to raise beer prices if a dozen donuts now cost this much.”

Good news is that Shea later told me that everyone liked and enjoyed the donuts. (Note – I am sure that there is a joke in there somewhere to be made about it being worth the “dough” but I’m still too pissed about the football to try and attempt it.)

I mentioned Weird Al last week, so check out his little donut tirade here. If, like me, you can only take a minute or so of it, fast forward to his surprise ending around the 2:00 mark:

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