Sunday Musings

Maybe because I hear so much of it in Buzzy’s Country Store, I kind of like the word conjecture defined as follows:

I mention this because earlier today as I was prowling thru the Merton FB page, I came upon something he wrote in his book:

Here is the quote that caught my eye:

One of the Merton FB commentators called it “Christian existentialism in action” but I’m not sure just what that means. (One of my least favorite words is “existential.” It reminds me of the joke “What is the burning question on the minds of every dyslexic existentialist?” Answer – “Is there a dog?”)

For obvious reasons, this song has been on my mind the past couple days:

P.S. As for the song’s inspiration, I knew about the Shakespeare Hamlet/Ophelia connections but had never seen this following explanation regarding its origins:

Note too that there is talk of the song (click here) actually being about an illegal interracial love affair gone wrong. However, all of that sounds like a little too much existential conjecture for me.

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