New feature here on the Buzzyblog – Monday Morning Quarterback.

Subtitle “Shoulda Coulda Woulfda”

Of course with a title like that, it will be football oriented. However, remember also that I am exposed to quite a lot of Monday Morning Quarterbacking every day in Buzzy’s Country Store on numerous non-football issues. Given that, from time to time, I may discuss some non-football MMQ issues too. You know what I am referring to here – those “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda” things that seem to just pop up in life like a fumble or an interception in a football game.

This Monday morning finds our home teams all winners as the Terps, Commanders and Ravens all won this weekend. I’m not sure when or if that has ever occurred, but I am thinking that it hasn’t happened too often. The fact that all three of them remain undefeated at this point in the season is also a rarity.

Throw in the Orioles clinching a play off spot after splitting the 4 game series with rival Tampa Bay and yes it’s been a great weekend for the home teams and their fans. Note that the Nationals won yesterday too.)

So what does all this mean in the larger scheme of things? Not a damn thing; but at least for another week we can enjoy all this undefeated, winning ways’ business. Trust me, it won’t last.

Check this tune out from British soul brothers Hot Chocolate. This tune went to number 6 on the charts but their other big hit “You Sexy Thing” went to Number 3 proving once again sex is always a winner.

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