Weather or Not

I was in the Piney Point Post Office one day years along with Weatherman Doug Hill who owned a summer home on Lighthouse Road. As I walked in, a couple of folks there were asking Doug what kind of weather we could expect. Doug laughed and said “All I can guarantee you is that we are going to have weather.”

After retrieving my mail from my post box I then walked out with Doug and said to him “Bet that happens to you all the time right? People bugging you about what’s the weather gonna be.” He laughed and said “Oh, yeah. But I don’t mind because people love to talk about the weather and so do I.”

I thought of Doug and that exchange just yesterday in Buzzy’s Country Store as the main topic of conversation focussed on the rain storm, tropical depression or whatever it is being called that is heading our way this weekend (see below.) Having now stood behind the Buzzy counter for a number of years, I can vouch for Doug’s claim that people do indeed love talking about the weather.

Whenever I see projections of a storm like this coming up the coast and heading our way, I always think of someone once saying “There is only one reason God made those Outer Banks: to intercept those hurricanes and storms before they get to us!”

As for weather forecasting our local guy JB has developed quite a following on his FB page (click here.) Visit his FB page and you will see that he does a great job focusing on our region and providing us with timely updates. This is from his website:

What makes this particular weekend storm a little dicey however, is that the movement of 25-30 mph winds as it passes us will result in our area getting what is called a “Nor’Easter.” Seems that most of our really bad storms are of the Nor’Easter variety. (For the record – Nor’Easter is just weather shorthand for “You’re about to get slammed buddy.)

The good news is that JB predicts this one won’t be too bad:

But if you are seeking shelter from the storm, you know where to go and to also talk about it! Buzzy’s is always dry inside with plenty of wet substances to take your mind off lousy weather. Drop in for a lethal dose. (Lyric from the following (2:50 mark) if you don’t recognize that reference.)

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