Every Picture Tells a Story Don’t It? (Even If Some May Need a Little Explanation)

Couple photos for you that popped up on my Buzzy radar.

First up is one of Dr. Bean. I found this in a folder that my Mom had compiled as part of her efforts to have a statue made in honor of Dr. Bean. (I will do a followup on this in a future post.) I don’t know how Mom got this photo, who gave it to her, who took it nor where it was taken. Am sure that it is Dr. Bean though.

Dr. Phillip H. Bean Making a House Visit

Next, here is photo of Chief Larry and Bart on the day of Larry’s retirement from the Navy. The ceremony was held at the Ridge American Legion and Bart was the MC.

Chief Larry Eberhard and MC Bart Mettam

My Aunt Aileen attended and enjoyed being around Bart and all those men in uniforms.

In the following photo I ran into my sisters Lila and Donna touring Dubrovnik on a rainy day. I was in another tour group and as my group was exiting the Church their group was waiting to go in. I hurriedly took the photo and admit that I didn’t do a very good job of photographing just the two of them. However, with their tour guide making a point, the other tour members milling around, including a pony tailed lady looking down in front of me, and the shop clerk putzing with his phone, there was alot more going on (maybe too much) in this photo than I had intended.

I took this next one at Showtime Deli during one of our Wednesday Breakfast Club sessions. If you look close you’ll see that it is a reverse image. (The Exit sign and Number 4 in the poster confirm this.) The iPhone Edit feature enables you to reverse photo images and in this one I thought it looked better this way even with the Exit and 4 backwards.

Jerry Gibson, Jack Russell and Gary Gelrud

Here is one that definitely needs a little explaining. Twins named John and Jerry were in Buzzy’s Country Store Friday and since I knew that their sister’s name is Jacki, I commented how all their names began with J. As they confirmed this and informed me that there were two more sibs whose names also began with J, it was then that John showed me his tattoo:

And given today’s date, here is a photo that shouldn’t need any explaining other than to tell those of you who don’t recognize the Combat Infantry Badge indicating John was in the Army infantry and fought in active ground combat.

Music-wise, the “Every Picture Tells a Story” song itself is a little all over the map too – literally! It is a hard rock tune but played mostly with acoustical instruments and a kick ass drum backup. Five verses and six minutes long, the lyrics have no set rhyme scheme, and the “Every Picture” chorus is held off til the very end of the song where it is then repeated 24 times. Like some of my photos above, it is a very busy/messy tune. Throw in some semi-racist and sexist lyrics and somehow it all works as the picture gets clearer.

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