Our Lady of the Rocks

Sunday, so let’s get you to church by visiting Our Lady of the Rocks located in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro.

On our cruise away from Kotor, I took this photo of the Our Lady of the Rocks Church situated on an islet created by sailors dumping rocks into the water. Each year on 22 July they have a celebration and toss more rocks onto the islet thereby preserving and expanding it.

The legend surrounding the church and its origins is told in the following:

The Church of the Rocks being built based upon repeatedly finding an icon of Madonna and child, certainly makes for a good legend. All of which leads me to conclude that Mary sure got around didn’t she? For a listing of what they call Marian Apparitions click here. Note that her visit to the Rocks is not mentioned, but I am sure that was just an oversight. Maybe Mary needs to make a return visit or two to the Rocks and garner the Church some more acclaim and notoriety so it can move on up the list of approved apparitions.

Music-wise, Jackson probably wasn’t singing Our Lady holy stuff here – at least I don’t think he was.

P.S. When checking out the list of places where Mary has supposedly made an appearance, if you were wondering whatever became of her 1990 gig at Conyers, Georgia, I found the following discussion of it (click here.) Note that the lady who Mary appeared to Nancy Fowler passed in 2012. Think they got to see each other in heaven? That is if Mary, with her active tour schedule, wasn’t on the road busy appearing somewhere else. Taylor Swift as Mary incarnate – think about it.

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