Perfect Songs

My thanks to my Cousin Joe White for directing me to this article that appeared in his local Fredericksburg newspaper yesterday:

The irony of Joe sending this my way is that just the other day I caught music producer and educator Rick Beato discussing what makes a perfect song (see video below.)

In his video, Rick discusses (29.10 mark) the 5 elements that make up a perfect song. After hearing him lay this out, it got me thinking about and looking for those song characteristics he describes as I poke around Buzzys’ Country Store listening to music throughout the course of my day. Thank you, Rick. (Note – be sure to catch him (35:00 mark) getting emotional as he talks about “Try Not to Breathe” and why he thinks that that is REM’s greatest song. Ah yes, the power of music.

Back to Cousin Joe sending me the list of seven perfect songs, I found myself agreeing with most of songs being on the list. My only quibble would be “Dancing Queen.” The author of the column notes that “ABBA seldom gets the credit it’s due.” To which I would say – there is a reason that they don’t. (Then again, as you can probably tell, I was never a big ABBA fan.)

Also, I got to say that “Try Not to Breathe” does not make my favorite REM song list. In spite of Rick’s praise and regard for the song, it is just too much a downer for me.

However, REM’s “Goes Out to The One I Love” I like. (All these years I thought the post-chorus was “I am” and turns out it’s “Fire.” Proves once again, that in life it is what you learn after you know it all that counts.)

Maryland at home is a 19 point underdog to Michigan today. Game begins at noon so stop in Buzzy’s to see if the Terps can at least cover the spread. Maybe someday we’ll be hoping that Terps could actually beat them outright. Dream on right!?

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