South County Events This Weekend

As for events this weekend in South County, I had planned on showing you the St. Mary’s City one scheduled for tomorrow. However, a second South County event goes down today and it just popped up on the schedule.

The other event involves a search for a guy who has been missing for a couple of weeks now.

Here is a photo of him:

Good luck to the search team in their efforts to find this guy.

Heard this tune just the other day and found myself thinking “Wow, Robert really does have a nice voice.” In a way, it was a little bit of a surprise to me because on most of his Led Zepp stuff he was always the wild man wailing and rocking in that high pitched “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! We-Come-from-the-land-of-the-ice-snow” voice of his. Here with Alison he is much more restrained and laid back. Only one very low keyed “Ah” at the 2:48 mark as if he’s saying “I could still do it but I’m not.”

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