Boat Racing Pt. 2: The Rowdy II (The Boat – It’s Two Drivers)

Capt. Bart Mettam Driving Beale Tilton’s “Rowdy II.”  (Someday I’ll learn how to photoshop a staple out of a picture.)

Another boat racing story Beale relayed to me involved a boat he built and named the Rowdy II winning the Outboard Pleasure Craft Marathon in 1970.  It was a six hour race in which Beale competed for 4 plus hours and Bart substituted for him somewhere towards the end of the race. When they won, Bart got the credit (see below.)  Said Beale laughing, “My boat.  Me driving 4 1/2 hours.  We win and Bart gets the credit!  Go figure.”

Beale concluded the story by noting that the Rowdy II currently rests in Rob Roberts’ Curley Road junk yard.  If anyone runs into to Rob, please urge him to “Free the Rowdy II.”

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