Bike Ride to Buzzy’s!

When the weather is nice I can always count on visits from folks out on their bikes for a ride to Pt. Lookout. This past Sunday was no exception. Among those visiting were Bill, Sherry, Sherri and Chris shown here.

 With Pt. Lookout Park  closed early due to being overly crowded, several bikers stopped by Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday and hung out.  A “late” arriving group from Mechanicsville dropped in around 4:30.  These folks have been in before and when I asked how they had been doing, one of the ladies named Tina informed me that she’d had to work all day Saturday and Sunday.  She said she had gotten off work at  3:15, went home and when her husband asked her what she wanted to do she informed him “Take a bike ride to Buzzy’s!”  Way to go Tina!

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