Does Anybody Know What Day It Is (or Was?)

Buzzy, Jean, Harry Raley, Peaches(Raley) Fallon and Bill Raley

On today’s date I am always reminded of something that occurred when Buzzy and I were having lunch somewhere in South Africa years ago.  We met an individual there who could identify the day of the week for any given date that you gave him.  For instance, I gave him my birthday 2/12/51 and he stated that it was a Monday.  

We went around the table as different folks gave him dates and he correctly identified the day for them.  Buzzy threw him a curve ball by saying “I got married on April 9th, 1950, what day was that?”  The guy paused and came back sort of tentatively with “Sunday?”  Buzzy acknowledged it but didn’t say anything else. 

After we left the luncheon, the guy came up to Buzzy and asked “That was right wasn’t it – a Sunday?”  Buzzy said “Yes, it was Easter Sunday.”  The guy looked relieved as he said, “I was just wondering if I got it right because most people get married on a Saturday.”   

I later learned that there is a mathematical trick to doing this (click here.)  (Now a days you can just Google it too (click here.

As for Mom and Dad’s Easter wedding, here are a couple more photo’s for you.  My favorite is this one here of Mom and her father Harry.  Years later when I began taking wedding photo’s I would always try to take one of the bride and her father using this one as my guide.  Don’t think I ever managed to take one as good as this one though.  Then again I’m a little biased about this one.

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