Reagan, Sports Stuff and Kevin Durant

Ever since my Daughter Reagan cautioned me that the Buzzyblog was “getting a little too heavy on the sports stuff,” I have tried to pare back on Buzzyblog sports-related posts.  It has been a little tough for me to do so because during the course of my day, “sports stuff” is one of my staples.   I read several sports blogs in the morning, listen to sports talk radio while in the truck to and from the Store and while at the Store keep the T-V tuned to ESPN thru the course of my day.   Thus, in a “garbage in, garbage out” kind of way, sports stuff is a natural-go-to response for me.

However, with apologies to Reagan in advance, I couldn’t resist this NBA-playoff post, particularly since our hometown Wizards are two games up on their first round opponent the Bulls. 

Video below features our PG County, Maryland dude Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma Thunder knocking down one of the best shots ever in Monday night’s playoff game.  (I’ve discussed KD previously (click here.)  I remember trying to do this as a kid shooting on the old hoop out in back of the Store.  “Clock winding down, five, four, three, he throws up a prayer falling out of bounds and makes the game winner!”  (For every 100 times that I tried it, I might have gotten close to making it once or twice.) 

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