Rosie (Not That One)

Speaking of bucket list (previous post) the T-V show The View is on my “What-Hell-Must-be- Like” list.  (It’s right up there with County Fair Friday Kids’ Day.)  Regarding The View however, fortunately for me, it only crops up on my radar when my Mother in law Stella visits us and she tunes it in daily.  The rest of the time I can ignore it.

But having said that, I may just have to check it out a little more than once a year now that Rosie, as in Perez, is a regular.  Plus, I may even be able to stand it now that Barbara WaWa is history. (Why is it that the celebrities you wish would die tend to hang around and those whom you don’t mind like say Robin Williams and or Joan Rivers punch out?)   

But back to Rosie, as early as  Soultrain, she moved the meter so to speak.

She was great in the movies Do the Right Thing, White Men Can’t Jump and It Could Happen to You.  (Did you know that It Could Happen was based on a true story where a cop actually did share a winning lotto ticket with a waitress (click here.)  Not too sure if the Rosie role as the cop’s shopaholic wife was very true to life however.)

I was going to conclude this little Rosie review with a clip from The View.  However, the couple of ones that I sampled on Youtube led me to conclude – The View still sucks even with Rosie P. as a member of it.  Think that some T-V exec should come film Buzzy’s 4 O’clock Club in action and it wouldn’t be anywhere near as awful as is The View.   Like John said “It couldn’t get no worse.”

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