Catching Up – Literally

October’s been a busy month here for the Buzzy boy so let me try and catch up on some recent events and happenings. 

First off, thanks to the efforts of organizers Mike Nelson and Steve Raley, the Ryken Class of 69 had its 45th reunion at Kevin’s Café on October 4th.  (See my previous post on that being Yom Kippur.)  Here is a group photo.  If you’re of a mind to do so, you can compare and contrast this version with our official class photo below.  Talk about 50 shades of gray and 50 extra pounds.

From left to right, Vinny Bryan, Brian Davis, Charlie Walsh, Dave Densford, YT, Mike Raley, Mike Nelson, George Abell, Chris Romano, Jim Herriman, Joe Lloyd, Gary Lang, Don Garner, Steve Raley, Jeff Knudson, Ralph Owens and Chris Mileto.  Kevin Thompson is in the back behind the two Mikes.  I was leaning to my right to try and allow Kevin some room so that he would appear in the photo also but as it turns out only the top of his head made it.

And now that I look at our official photo, I note that 7 out of the 10 of us from the bottom row were in attendance at the reunion.  Guess that proves once again that folks at the bottom are always looking to connect with those at the top.

Steely Dan’s My Old School remains my number one school-related graduation tune but I’ve done that one too many times previously, so here is a Chris Isaak one for you.

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