Wisteria 2

And speaking of wisteria, did you know that Wisteria Lane was the original title of what used to be one of my favorite t-v shows Desperate HousewivesCheck out this video:
Couldn’t locate the version of the song that Terri mentioned in the above video, but did find Martina’s original.  I like the way Martina sings about three generations in the song, but shouldn’t she do a follow up and sing about girls post-40? You know, the grownup girls.

Re: Desperate Housewives, I can still remember a scene where one of Lynette’s sons was over in the neighbor’s yard when Lynette called him to come home.  He made a negative comment about his mother and the neighbor admonished him “No one will ever love you like your mom.” How’s that for a nice upcoming Mother’s Day sentiment?!

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