Karen's Calendar

Recall my post awhile back about Guy Distributing’s Calendar put together by Karen Guy? (Click here if you don’t.)

Here are the photos Karen included for March and April:

Note the railroad tracks leading into Pt. Lookout.  I recall my brother Stevie and I riding our bikes along the old railroad bed that ran thru the woods across from the Store.  The railroad was never completed  despite the folks at Pt. Lookout having prepared for it.  

I did a post on Bennett’s Store just last year (click here.)

Jimbo Morrison gets all the notoriety as the Doors main songwriter, however it was his bandmate  Robby Grieger who wrote some of their biggest hits including Love Her Madly, Touch Me and their biggest hit Light My Fire.  

Here is another “twofer tune” that Robby also wrote.  You know the original Doors version but check out this funny take of Robby telling how he came to write it:


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