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I can always tell when an event has truly captured everyone’s attention: it gets discussed repeatedly in Buzzy’s Country Store.  Case in point, this past week The Slap,  Slapgate, Two Bros Going At It or whatever else you want to call it, was mentioned just about everyday in Buzzy’s.  I won’t go into just how it was mentioned, but suffice to say that it got discussed ad nausea.

And I admit that I am guilty here of talking about it too.  Love those news commentators who preface their comments by saying “With all else going on in the world, THIS is what we are talking about…” and then they spend the next 10 minutes talking about it!   Bottom line then, I guess I am doing that too here on the Buzzyblog by talking about talking about it.  

My only observation though has to do with the “Get my wife’s name out of your mouth” comment.  Here is why.

Back In February I attended one of our County Commissioners’ meetings because they were scheduled to discuss a proposal to allow big box stores to sell alcohol.  While waiting for that topic to be discussed, I sat thru another agenda item involving the establishment of a Police Accountability Review Board.  

In discussing the proposal, one of our Commissioners cautioned that they may need to establish some criteria as to who could be on such a review board.  He went on to point out as an example that since another Commissioner was a police officer, it may not be a good idea for his wife to serve on such a review board due to a conflict of interest.  The other Commissioner reacted pretty strongly by saying “You get my wife’s name out of your mouth.”  I remember shaking my head and thinking that as throw downs go I had never heard that one before.

Little did I know that from that boring St. Mary’s County Commissioners’ meeting in Leonardtown, Maryland that that phrase would become famous enough to make the Academy Awards and serve as the reason for The Slap heard around the world and even at Buzzy’s!

All that said however, I thought Chris Rock’s come back “Wow dude, it was a GI Jane joke!” was pretty good though.  There is even this music video about all this (click here.)

But how about something a little more upbeat.  Check out the Grammy Song of the Year which has nothing in it about keeping someone’s wife’s name outta their mouths:

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